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仏具の「おりん」とアロマディフューザーを掛け合わせた“高岡鈴香”。富山の伝統工芸は、仏教信仰が盛んな風土に花開き、お寺との結びつきが職人の心と技を育んできました。高岡銅器もその一つ。「おりん」制作の老舗・山口久乗の「久乗おりん」の響きには、波の音や小鳥のさえずりなど、人が心地よいと感じる音と同じ「1/f のゆらぎ」を含み、リラックス効果が証明されています。

PL, E : 一般社団法人 富山県西部観光社 水と匠
AD, D : 清水彩香
おりん制作 : 株式会社 山口久乗
アロマディフューザー制作 : 株式会社 駒井漆器製作所
箱・包み紙制作 : 一般財団法人 五箇山和紙の里
監修 : 國泰寺・勝興寺・瑞龍寺
PH : 田中祐樹


This is a set including TAKAOKA RINKO and original blends of essential oils for a tour of three temples (Zuiryu-ji, a national treasure; Shoko-ji, a national treasure; and Kokutai-ji, the head temple of the Kokutai-ji School of the Rinzai sect) that have played a major role in the history and cultural development of Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. I am responsible for everything from the product planning, naming, and supervising the original blends of essential oils's fragrance to the product and graphic designs.
TAKAOKA RINKO is an orin, a traditional Buddhist singing bowl, with a case lid that serves as an aroma diffuser. The development of traditional crafts in Toyama prefecture has been greatly associated with Buddhist beliefs. Ties with temples have nurtured the spirit and skills of craftsmen. The tone of "Kyujo orin" by YAMAGUCHI KYUJO contains 1/f fluctuation. Comfortable sounds such as waves and birdsong commonly have this fluctuation, which has been proven to be relaxing.
The wooden diffuser was made by Komai Lacquerware Manufacturing. The smooth curve of the diffuser, which beautifully showcases the grain of the horse chestnut wood, is the work of skilled craftsmen. "Kokutai-ji" is finished in the natural color of wood, "Shoko-ji" in reddish brown of lacquer, and "Zuiryu-ji" in chic black.
The wrapping paper is made of Gokayama Washi, traditional Japanese paper. When carrying the diffuser, please wrap it in this paper.
Original blends of essential oils are created with plants from the forests of Toyama and are inspired by each temple.
The head temple of the Kokutai-ji School of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism. Essential oils of Lindera umbellata and Japanese cypress represent the dignity of the temple and its surrounding forests.
A Jodo Shinshu temple with a magnificent interior of carvings and metal fittings. The elegant ambience is expressed based on the essential oil of Magnolia salicifolia.
A national treasure with a beautiful symmetrical layout of buildings in the Zen sect style. The refined architectural composition is expressed by the essential oil of Japanese cedar.
All ink used for printing is specifically NON-VOC ink. Petroleum-based solvents that generate VOCs (volatile organic compounds) were almost never used, as these harmful substances carry a high risk of causing air pollution.
For paper other than Japanese paper, FSC-certified paper is selected. Pulp is used from forests where management and logging are conducted with concern for the environment and regional community.
I learned that black plastic has properties that lead to it being rejected from the recycling process, so I am hoping I can change the color or material of the cap when the opportunity arises.

PL, E : ‘Mizu to Takumi’ Toyama West Tourism Promotion Association
AD, D : Ayaka Shimizu
Orin Production : YAMAGUCHI KYUJO CO., LTD.
Aroma Diffuser Production : Komai Shikki
Essential Oil Production : AROMA SELECT
Box and Wrapping Paper Production : Gokayama Washi no Sato
Supervision : Kokutai-ji, Shoko-ji, Zuiryu-ji
PH : Yuki Tanaka