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AD, D : 清水彩香
CW : 阿部希葉
CW(御由緒) : 蛭田瑞穂
Web Designer : 福田晋也
Web Director : 中野慎一郎
PH : 濱田英明
Print : 株式会社山田写真製版所
CL : 城山熊野神社

Shiroyama Kumano Shrine

Located in Itabashi Ward, Tokyo, Shiroyama Kumano Shrine is dedicated to Izanagi-no-mikoto, Izanami-no-mikoto, and Kotosakao-no-mikoto. It was founded in 1042 A.D. (Chokyu 3), with the "Kumano Sanzan", which have existed since B.C., as its sanctuary. The shrine has many stories of "resurrection," "reawakening," and "starting over," including those of Kamuyamato-iwarebiko-no-mikoto, who was also aided by the guidance of Yatagarasu (a big Japanese mythological crow), and Minamoto-no-Yoshiie, who won the battle and was restored to power.
On the shrine grounds, you will find a “Chinju-no-Mori" (a forest enshrining the shrine's forest and local spirits). While natural vegetation has been lost in the 99% of Japan's warm-temperate-zone forests, a survey conducted in 2018 has revealed that the Shiroyama Kumano Shrine's Chinju-no-Mori forest is a precious one where the original natural vegetation of the land remains.
Inspired by this forest, we created "Konoha Mikuji" (tree leaf fortune). This omikuji does not have a simple element of fortune-telling, such as "Dai-kichi" or "Chu-kichi". It is a gift of guidance to any person.
The Chinju-no-Mori forest is made up of a variety of trees that differ in size, ecology, and role within the forest. Some trees grow tall and provide shade, while others sustain life through the humidity created by the shade. Still others provide a home for small animals and insects, which in turn help the forest to grow. Just like the Chinju-no-Mori forest, human society is made up of people with diverse personalities. It is my hope that each person can realize his or her happiness and build a better society by making the most of individual qualities, competing with each other at times, and helping each other at other times. The guidance from the Konoha Mikuji fortune is to empower each person's life and wish for the happiness of all people. The fortune contains words of guidance from a tree living in the Chinju-no-Mori forest of Shiroyama Kumano Shrine, together with a Konoha Mamori (tree leaf amulet) in the shape of a leaf from the tree. Please keep it close to you.
All ink used for printing is specifically NON-VOC ink. Petroleum-based solvents that generate VOCs (volatile organic compounds) were almost never used, as these harmful substances carry a high risk of causing air pollution.
For omikuji paper, FSC-certified paper is selected. Pulp is used from forests where management and logging are conducted with concern for the environment and regional community. Because of the theme of the Chinju-no-Mori forest, we chose only those papers that are considerate of the forest environment.
In order to let as many people as possible know about the shrine, I also took the art direction of the photography of the shrine grounds and the website, and the design of the history leaflet.

AD, D : Ayaka Shimizu
CW : Kiyo Abe
CW(History) : Mizuho Hiruta
Web Designer : Shinya Fukuda
Web Director : Shinichiro Fukuda
PH : Hideaki Hamada
CL : Shiroyama Kumano Shrine