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GOOD LIFE フェアへの出展では、ブースのアートディレクションを担当。水に日光が当たってできる光の波をイメージしたグラデーションを、純白の空間にあしらっています。商品ひとつひとつに込められた物語を丁寧に見せる場を作りました。

PM : 株式会社PCO
AD, D : 清水彩香
I : agoera
PH : 松本雅直
Print : 株式会社山田写真製版所
Box Product : 株式会社竹尾, 株式会社泰清紙器製作所
CL : 富山県総合デザインセンター

Bi no Kowake

This collection of items made solely in Toyama using materials derived from the region’s rich natural resources centers around the concept of “beauty” that transcends the boundaries of manufacturing. It derives inspiration from the everyday spirit of “kowake” (sharing with others) in Toyama.
Using both scrapped wood and timber from thinning forests to generate biomass power, growing plants without use of any pesticides for 40 years, and organically farming by reexamining the soil where silkworm feed grows: these are all ways in which we collect only high-quality items that are packaged with our commitment to environmentalism.
For the package, I asked the artist agoera to create an illustration of skin care as a simple expression of the clarity and warmth of everyday life. The humid air of Toyama, said to be excellent for moisturizing the skin, was depicted using deep beautiful blue-gray. This project is also contemplating a plan to organize a set of experiential tours around Toyama. In the drawing, emotions are conveyed through one individual within the scenery of Toyama facing away from the viewer, evoking not only a sense of external beauty but also the hope to be able to refine the beauty inside us all. My directions were for the artwork to make me feel as if I could touch the natural beauty as if I had been given the chance to take a trip through Toyama.
All ink used for printing is specifically NON-VOC ink. Petroleum-based solvents that generate VOCs (volatile organic compounds) were almost never used, as these harmful substances carry a high risk of causing air pollution.
By outsourcing the printing to YAMADA PHOTO PROCESS CO.,LTD located in Toyama Prefecture and close to our delivery destination, we minimize CO2 generated during delivery.
I am responsible for the art direction of the booth at the GOOD LIFE fair. The pure white space is decorated with a gradation that evokes the image of light waves created by sunlight hitting water. I have created a place to carefully show the story contained in each product.

PM : Professional Congress Organizer Co., Ltd.
AD, D : Ayaka Shimizu
I : agoera
PH : Masanao Matsumoto
Box Product : TAKEO CO., LTD., Taiseishiki Seisakusho
CL : Toyama prefecture general design center